Open Stargate Network v400

Stargate Flags

Flags are set by adding them to the description field of the object. All flags are case sensitive (must be lower case) and must include the opening and closing curly braces.

{norandom} flag

If you absolutely must place your Stargate in an area not open to everyone, please add the string "{norandom}" to the Stargate description. This flag will prevent your Stargate from being used when travelers dial randomly.

Please note that unless you add the {norandom} flag to your Stargate, travelers may arrive at your Stargate randomly and uninvited. Please do not be angry with them. If you do not want random visitors, set the {norandom} flag on your Stargate.

Ditto for the various "security orbs" available. If you're using a security orb to eject random visitors, please also set the {norandom} flag on your Stargate.

Double ditto for the various role play combat systems out there. Random travelers will have no clue they've wandered into a role play sim, and are fairly unlikely to have ever heard of whatever combat system you're into. If your estate/region/parcel has strict roleplay or combat system requirements, please save potential visitors the hassle and set the {norandom} flag on your Stargate.

Note the {norandom} flag ONLY affects travellers who dial randomly. The Open Stargate Network does not implement any access restrictions for travellers dialing by name, address, or alias.

{restricted} flag

This flag acts identically to the {norandom} flag.

The Stargate will set this flag automatically if your parcel has restricted access (i.e. "ban lines"). This is done so that gate travellers dialing randomly will not be sent to restricted parcels.

Setting this flag manually does NOT alter the access restrictions on your parcel. Use the "About Land" / "Access" tab to alter your parcel's access settings.

{default} flag

If there are multiple gates in a region, {default} gates are given priority when dialing that region.

{secure} flag

A gate can be locked tight by setting the {secure} flag. {secure} gates cannot dial out, and cannot receive incoming dials.

{verbose} flag -- DEBUGGING USE ONLY

This flag produces slightly more verbose output during dialing.

{textish} flag -- DEBUGGING USE ONLY

This flag sets text on the stargate indicating status in the chord network.

{debug} flag -- DEBUGGING USE ONLY


Enables debugging output. This is probably only useful if you are debugging a serious problem and understand the source scripts.

{theme:milkyway} flag

Specifies the theme being used. (See http:themes.html)

{altcompat:milkyway} flag

Specifies the channel settings used for compatability with some Alteran Stargate Network products. Valid values are shown in the table below.


The altcompat flag may also be set to any integer if you want to use a nonstandard base. The Stargate will listen on the base channel number, and reply on base - 1000.

To use a channel other than base - 1000 for reply, use two numbers seperated by a comma. For example, compatability with old arcturus milkyway DHDs can be acheived with {altcompat:-8765,-87654}

If altcompat is not set, the theme setting is used to derive the base channel number. If the theme is not "milkyway" or "pegasus", then the "opengate" base channel of -704000 is used.

Various {err_*} flags

These flags are set automatically by the Stargate when an error condition is encountered.

{cancreate} flag -- DEPRECATED


The OpenGate object must have object create permission on the parcel where it is located. If it does not have object create permissions, temp-on-rez chevrons will not appear, and more importantly, it will not be able to rez incoming or outgoing wormholes. Lack of object create permission also interferes with the automatic updates and script error recovery functions.

The Stargate will attempt to determine if it has such permission, and notify you if there is a problem. You can confirm the problem by going to the Stargate and attempting to dial out. If you get the "Opening to" message, but no event horizon appears, then the Stargate does not have object create permission.

In many cases, the problem can be fixed by changing the group of the Stargate to match the group of the parcel. Deeding the Stargate to the group is NOT recommended.