Open Stargate Network v400

Philosophy and History

Open Source

The code (LSL and perl scripts) is licensed under the GPL. Please read and understand the license agreement. The GPL is designed to make sure that the code remains free for everyone to use.


When I first logged in to Second Life, one of the first things I stumbled across was a Stargate. I thought they were the neatest things. When it came time for me to learn LSL, I decided I wanted to script one, as a learning exercise.

It only took me a few days, and I came up with something which, while not artistically accurate, worked just as well as the Stargates I had stumbled across my first day in Second Life.

I was excited. I wanted to show off what I'd done. I hunted down Wes Keynes. I hunted down Reyo Neutra. I was such a newb.

I learned several things. There was not just one, or two, or three, but four separate and noninteroperating Stargate networks. While two of the networks were working on interconnecting, mine was a fifth, and nobody wanted to see that.

I also learned that Second Life was not an "Open Source" community. It seemed as if many people were infected with the "greed meme", and thought they could sell their objects for fun and profit.

Not only did nobody want to look at my code, nobody wanted to show me theirs.

This bothered me.

Over time, I also learned that each of the different networks was tied its own central server, coordinating that network's stargates. If that server goes down, all the Stargates on that network stop functioning.

This also bothered me.

As I write this, it seems some of the networks have disappeared altogether, and with them some fairly stunningly beautiful Stargates. I particularly miss the Elven Moor Stargate, and I've had a rough time finding another like it.

This also bothers me.


It seems that, as long as a single server controls the network, there is a tendency towards instability. That server may go down, or the person operating it may lose interest in maintaining it.

Of course, there's only one thing for it. A decentralized open source Stargate network. As long as there is not any single point of failure, and the code is freely available, the Stargate network should remain stable and usable by all.

Note that this is a "clean room" implementation; I've never actually seen any code for any other stargate network. Please see the note in automap.lsl regarding "clean room" development.

In the News

These web pages are interviews and news articles posted by folks outside of the development team.

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