Open Stargate Network v400

Does the code work with / support OpenSim?

Boy do I wish I could channel the raw enthusiasm I see for this into the OpenSim project.

The more correct question to ask here is "Does OpenSim currently support enough LSL functionality to run the Open Stargate Network code?"

At this time, the answer is unfortunately "no".

According to , "As OpenSim is still at an alpha code maturity stage, there is absolutely no guarantee that functionality works or is stable, even in the numbered releases." That web page has had that notice for over 3 years now, and I have no hope that the OpenSim team has it together enough to ensure a stable set of base features. They seem much more motivated to add crazy new whizbang features than to produce a stable bugfree platform with a complete set of base functionality.

The Open Stargate Network relies on a large number of features available on the Linden Main Grid which simply aren't implemented yet in OpenSim.

I have spent about a week attempting to port the code to OpenSim. To that end, I have contributed a number of patches to the OpenSim project.

Sadly, I have realized that what I consider to be a logical goal for OpenSim (100% LSL compatability) is not one of their actual goals. I find this attitude frustrating and difficult to work with. Patches I've submitted to OpenSim have been met with a great deal of "Not Invented Here" combined with a lack of appreciation for the "Principle of least astonishment". I could rant on, but the short story is that OpenSim's LSL implementation is laughably broken, and will not likely improve for some time. (See bugs 3199, 3187, 3144, 3174, 3201, 3176, 3145, 3157, 3152, and 3143) (In particular, see and for an example of what I'm talking about) (See also ; I'm not the only one who has had this problem with them.)

As of v205, the code should at least compile in OpenSim. I have removed reliance on several SecondLife LSL features not currently supported in OpenSim. However, since I am not actively maintaining this, there is no guarantee that they will not creep back in.

Actual support for OpenSim would require another experienced C# developer to fix OpenSim's horribly broken LSL implementation. I have neither the time nor the patience to deal with the OpenSim development team any further.

At minimum, OpenSim should support llEmail, llRequestURL, and and http_request. The methods are critical for intersim object communications. The documentation currently says it supports these things, but if you look more closely, you will find that their implementation is incomplete and nonfunctional for the purposes of allowing objects in different sims to communicate with each other.

I am, as always, willing to accept patches that work around OpenSim's limitiations if they do not impair the functionality of the code on the main grid. To date, no one other than me has submitted any such patches.

Will the code work with OGP or Hypergrid?

Yes, but don't get too excited just yet.

The same code that allows dials to other networks (/dial >alteran, etc...) could in theory also work with OGP or Hypergrid regions. However, since no grid besides the Linden main grid supports LSL, (see above) there's not much point.

I've recently learned the OpenSim Hypergrid Team has their own Stargate project. Their event horizon textures and DHD sculpt maps look familiar. I wonder where they got them from? See and for more details. While the Hypergrid team is part of OpenSim, and is therefore in theory open source, their stargate source code is not available to the public. IMs to project maintainers have gone unanswered.