Open Stargate Network v400

Other Second Life concerns

updater object usage

Whenever possible, prefer using the updater object to update existing Stargates instead of rezzing a new Stargate and deleting the old one. Every time a Stargate joins or leaves the chord network, a ripple of increased activity spreads across the network. Using the updater object for existing Stargates is MUCH more efficient.

object create permission

The Stargate MUST have permission to create objects. Generally this means the Stargate owner or Stargate's group must have create permission. You can see these permissions in "About Land" on the "Options" tab. Without object create permission, the Stargate cannot rez the event horizon or temp chevrons. (see also {cancrate} flag)

deed to group

Please do NOT deed the Stargate object to a group. Deeding an object to a group changes the owner of the object to the group. This is a much more complex change than simply setting the object's group, and introduces several problems. If there is an issue with the Stargate, we won't know who to contact to resolve the issue. Usually when someone does this they are trying to resolve an object create permission problem on group owned land. These sorts of problems can be overcome simply by setting the group of the Stargate and allowing group create on the land. Alternately, group settings can be used to allow specific users to override normal object create permissions on the group owned land. Deeding to a group is almost never necessary.

the "Locked" checkbox

Please do NOT set the "Locked" checkbox on your Stargate. Setting the "Locked" checkbox interferes with the automatic update process. It also interferes with the automatic script error recovery process. In the "Edit" window, on the "Object" tab, make sure the "Locked" checkbox is NOT checked. Since they cannot be updated, Stagates that are "Locked" may be deleted without notice if they cause problems in the network.

obstructions around the Stargate

Please do not put objects inside, over, or around the Stargate, even transparent ones. Many users have tried to place transparent visitor counters or other semitransparent scenery objects inside, over, or around the Stargate for various reasons. Such objects interfere with Stargate traveler's ability to touch the Event Horizon when it appears, even when those objects are transparent. When they attempt to touch the Event Horizon, they will touch your object instead. They will not see a map and will not be able to teleport. This is normal SL behavior, and NOT a bug in the Open Stargate code.

prim expanders

Please do not use "temp-on-rezzer" or other "zero prim" or "prim expander" objects with your Stargate. Your Stargate will not work with these objects. You won't be able to dial out reliably, and no one will be able to dial in.

Stargate facing

Due to SL server bugs, travelers will currently always arrive facing East. If at all possible, place your Stargate facing east to minimize confusion to travelers. The code DOES properly set the look_at parameter to llMapDestination(), but current SL servers ignore it.

server load detection

Stargates on highly loaded regions do not respond to messages from the chord network in a timely manner, and will negatively impact ALL Stargates in the network. Rather than let the entire network become unusable, the Stargate on a highly loaded region will partially disconnect from the network temporarily. Stargates may still dial out, and receive incoming wormholes when partially connected, but will not participate in normal network maintainance messaging. It will reconnect to the network once server load has returned to acceptable levels. Most users will not notice that a Stargate is partially disconnected. Stargates on loaded regions with partial connections will exhibit increased delays between dialing command, address resolution, and wormhole creation. If you have this problem consistently, please see as well as

keeping your Stargate address when moving

The seven symbol Stargate address is based on a hash of the Stargate object's key. Since the key changes when rezzing an object, if you take a Stargate into your inventory and then rez the Stargate somewhere else, the seven symbol address will change. Most owners will likely not care about the Stargate address changing during a move. If for some reason you want to maintain the Stargate address, it is necessary to maintain the Stargate object key. You can do this by attaching the Stargate to your avatar, moving to a new location, and then dropping the Stargate. (see also "Gate Aliases")

llGetFreeURLs() == 0

The Stargate uses http_in for communication (technical details appear at the end of this document). This method allots a certain number of URLs per parcel, the same as the prim limit. If you see this error, some other object on your parcel is consuming URLs and not releasing them. We know it is NOT the Stargate, because we have several dozen gates on 4m^2 parcels (3 prim/URL limit!) that do NOT exhibit this problem. If you see this error, your best bet is to locate the offending object and delete it. Another possible solution is to restart the region.