Open Stargate Network v400

Stargate Themes

The two classic models (oneprim and eleven) support a number of themes (texture sets, sounds, and associated objects) that allow you to change the look of the Stargate. Other models may also honor some theme settings. To change the theme, touch your stargate, select "ADMIN", "THEME" from the menu, and select the theme you want.

When changing themes, it may take up to two minutes for the chevrons to change on the oneprim model.

Themes are contained in notecards inside the Open Stargate named "@theme:whatever".

When you select a theme, the textures/sounds/etc referenced by the theme notecard are used to change the appearance of your Stargate. If subsequent software updates change the contents of the notecard, your Stargate will change appearance to match the new updates.

Changes to existing stock notecards will be lost during an update. To make changes that persist through updates, make a copy of the notecard with a different name.

theme format

A theme notecard consists of a list of setting value pairs, one per line.

Since reading notecards is relatively slow, and the settings are generally self explanatory, there is no provision for comments in the theme notecards.

The following settings are recognized by the theme reader. Settings in the theme notecard may appear in any order. Unrecognized settings are ignored.

backkeytexture used on back of Stargate
bigchevron_litkeytexture for lit top chevron
bigchevron_unlitkeytexture for unlit top chevron
bumpshinystringbump shiny setting (comma seperated) (see below)
chevron_litkeytexture for lit non-top chevron
chevron_ringstringsculpted or flat
chevron_rotvectoreuler degree rotation of topmost chevron when ring is in <0,0,0> rotation
chevron_sculptkeysculpt map used for chevrons
chevron_sizevectorsize of chevron prims
chevron_unlitkeytexture for unlit non-top chevrons
collapse_texturekeyparticle texture for collapsing wormhole
coloralpharotation<red, green, blue, alpha> setting
dhdkeytexture used for dhd
edge_innerkeytexture used on inner edge of Stargate
edge_outerkeytexture used on outer edge of Stargate
event_horizonstringhollowsphere or 36frame
fail_soundkeysound used for failed dials
frontkeytexture used on front face of Stargate
fullbrightinteger1 for fullbright on or 0 for off
glowfloatglow setting
horizonkeytexture used for event horizon
horizon_animationstringparameters passed to llSetTextureAnim
hsoow_soundkeysound used for collapsing wormhole
lock_soundkeysound used for chevron locking
loop_soundkeysound used while wormhole is open
materialstringstone, metal, glass, wood, flesh, plastic, or rubber
paramsstringsettings passed to llSetPrimitiveParams (deprecated)
ringkeytexture used on dialing ring
ring_statickeytexture used on multiprim dialing ring when not moving
splashkeysound used for avatar colliding with wormhole
texgenstringdefault or planar
wooshkeyparticle texture for opening kawoosh
woosh_soundkeysound used for wormhole opening

Allowed bump settings: none bright dark wood bark bricks checker concrete tile stone disks gravel blobs siding largetile stucco suction weave

Allowed shiny settings: none low medium high

Custom Themes

The automatic update process will clobber any changes made to stock theme notecards. To keep changes across updates, rename them.